As an educational consultant, Dr. ReGina A. Etter is a veteran educator who possesses passion, energy, content knowledge and a delivery style second to none. Through her thirty plus years of service, she has offered teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and community partners innovative and creative strategies for teaching and learning. Working for the Bureau of Educational Research (Seattle, WA), ReGina traveled across the United States to offer educators professional development in STEM and STEAM instruction that integrated the disciplines. As a certified instructor for Sally Ride program (NASA), audiences could take flight into areas of science learning that included an emphasis on women through ReGina’s energized sessions. Most recently, Dr. Etter has worked with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs. Her creativity and innovativeness were highlighted at a Magnet School of America Project Directors’ Conference where she co-presented a session entitled, Brown COLORS the Board of Education. Through this participatory session, attendees were challenged with being education historians to reflect on the success of desegregation efforts and the struggles to accomplish educational justice.  

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