Dr. ReGina A. Etter was tagged as an “edutainer” after presenting to an audience of enthusiastic science teachers. Her inclusive style provides participants with an opportunity to think outside of the “book” to become futuristic thinkers, innovators, collaborators, and co-creators. Packed in a true designer’s toolkit are 35 years of experience, an innate ability to “read” the audience, humor, a wonderful smile, and ways to make the make an everlasting memory. ReGina’s desire to educate, enhance and advance the lives of children, is also evident with adult audiences. Having a reputation as a gifted keynote, when the speaker for the National Hook-Up of Black Women conference had a medical emergency, Dr. Etter was asked to stand-in and the applause is still ringing in her heart. The most recent keynote topic, “The SITUATION speaks to the need for INNOVATION in Education” emphasizes the need for and value of equitable educational experiences.

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